English Conversation/Speaking Lesson

English Conversation lesson for young and adult learners

語学 英語 中級



These lessons are for intermediate English Speaking students. We will practice day-to-day conversation and discuss some topics which will help you improve your spoken English. My lesson is full of fun. We will be speaking on various topics that will help you in your fluency. There are some activities related to speaking that will keep you engaging and make learning easy. This activity will also help you with your English listening and reading skills. I will also be telling you about some mistakes you make while speaking so that we can work on those parts.



English Conversation/Speaking Lesson




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Hello there, my name is Shubham Modi, I am from India and I am an English Teacher and English Instructor with a neutral English Accent. I am fluent in three languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi. I am trained as a teacher and have an English teaching experience of more than 3 years. Apart from being a teacher, I am a content writer. Speaking about my education, I have a master's and bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Mumbai. I am TEFL/TESOL level 5 certified teacher with a specialization in Business English, which means I can teach both young and adult learners. I love teaching, apart from that I also love traveling and cooking. I have traveled to many famous places in India. I can cook many Indian dishes, which I also enjoy eating. I love using props and flashcards in my lessons. My lessons are full of fun activities because it's important to me that my students are having a good time in my lessons. I have taught people from various countries such as India, China, Iran, Istanbul, Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. We can focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening, as I have teaching experience in all these areas. I can also help you in scoring a good band in the IELTS exam. I have topics on which we can talk about, which will help you in improving your spoken English. I can teach you day-to-day conversation as well as business English which will help you in your workplace. I am open to speaking about my traveling and cooking experience, as well as sharing my culture with you. I look forward to meeting you in my class. Thank you so much.