User Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 Purpose of this Terms and Conditions

The RINXs Online Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") apply to the RINXs Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company".) Only users (hereinafter referred to as "User") who have agreed to the terms of this service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") will be provided the Service. By registering for and using RINXs Online, Users agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

Article 2: Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following Terms shall have these meanings ascribed to them.

  • ・”Lesson": a collective term for teaching , practicing languages or for performances, giving advice ,etc

  • ・”Lesson Fees": The cost the User pays the Company for the lesson. The total amount of the matching fee and the instructor fee.

  • ・"Lesson Contract": Contract between the Instructor/host and the User, for lessons/exchange meetings provided.

  • ・”Social Gatherings: a generic term mainly for the purpose of exchanges on different topics, such as language exchange, hobbies, etc.

  • ・”User": A person who wishes to participate in, or is actually participating in, a lesson or social event.

  • ・”Instructor": A person who wishes to or does provide lessons.

  • ・"Instructor remuneration": The fee we pay the instructor for the lesson

  • ・"Host": a person who wishes to provide or actually provides a social gathering

  • ・”Matching": The service which mediates the signing of a lesson or social gathering contract and the payment of participation fees.

  • ・”Matching Fee": the fee paid by the User to the Company in exchange for the use of the Matching Service.

  • ・”Points": The points given to the User by the Company on our Site for a certain amount of money , to be used for paying the Lessons.

  • ・”Our Site": The website operated by the Company.

Article 3: Application of the Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms of Use shall apply to the use of the Service by Users.

2. Apart from these Terms and Conditions , all notices issued by Our Company to Users, including the Terms of use and regulations established by our company and posts on our site, shall each form a part of these Terms and Conditions .

3.In the event that the contents of these Terms and Conditions differ from the contents of other Terms and Conditions, or the preceding Terms in this document, or other notices, they shall be prioritized and applied in the following order: relevant notices, relevant regulations, relevant user Terms, Our Terms and regulations. If there is a discrepancy between the contents of a notice posted on the Company's website and the contents of other notices, the later notice will be given priority.

4.Use of the Services by Instructors and Hosts shall be governed by the Instructor (Host) Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Instructor Terms and Conditions "), which shall be set separately by the Company.

5.The date and time in these Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with Japanese standard time.

Article 4 Treatment of Minors

Applicants under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of their parents or guardians before applying for the Service.

Chapter 2 Use of this Terms and Conditions

Article 5: The Contents of this Terms and Conditions

This Service includes the following services:

  • ・ 利用者によるレッスンや交流会の検索、契約の申込、申込済みの契約の管理等を容易にするサービスやマッチングサービス

  • ・Matching service that allows users to search for lessons and social gatherings, apply for contracts, and manage contracts that have already been applied for. Services that provide users with counseling regarding the services listed above.

  • ・Introducing lessons and social events to users.

  • ・Periodical or irregular distribution of updates to users via email, including campaign information, and other information that is separately determined by the Company.

  • ・Facilitating the acceptance of lesson contracts by Instructors and Hosts.

  • ・Other services as separately determined by the Company.

Article 6: Use of the Service and user responsibilities

1.Users shall fully check information about the Instructor or host before applying for a lesson contract. If Users have any doubts about the identity of the Instructor or host, or about the content of the lessons offered, Users shall contact the Instructor/Host or the Company directly.

2.Users shall judge the quality, accuracy, reliability and usefulness of lessons and social events provided by Instructors and Hosts and agree to use them at their own risk.

3.Users shall determine the truthfulness, accuracy, and reliability of information provided by the Company and the quality, accuracy, certainty, reliability, and usefulness of other services, and agree to use such information at their own risk.

4.Users agree that some lessons may be conducted by voice only and that each Instructor or host may have different pronunciation.

5.The Company shall not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, certainty, reliability and usefulness of any information provided by Instructors and Hosts.

6.The Company shall not be responsible for any damage or loss to users or third parties due to the acts or omissions of Instructors and hosts.

7.The Company assumes no responsibility for any information, files or goods exchanged between Users and Instructors or Hosts, and Users agree in advance not to hold the Company responsible for any kind of damage or loss caused by information, files or goods provided toUsers.

8. Users must agree to the following points before using the Service:

  • ・Compliance with the Terms.

  • ・When using the Service, Users must follow the procedures set forth by the Company, if any.

  • ・In using the Service, Users must be aware of the following

  • ・All content (i.e. articles, photographs, information, data, documents, software, music, audio, images, video, and text (hereinafter the same in these Terms)), even if the content is publicly known or well-known, or has been acquired by the User personally, the rights to the content belong to the person who originally created the content or to the person who has received a legitimate assignment or license from the person who originally created the content.

  • ・Users must judge for themselves the reliability, accuracy, completeness, and usefulness (beneficiality) of the content, and do so at their own risk and responsibility.

  • ・Users are responsible for storing separately the content they send to the Service ("User-Dispatched Content") if they need to do so.

  • ・Users must comply with the laws and regulations on technology export when sending technical information from their country of residence to other countries.

Article 7 Use of Telecommunication Software

1. Users shall use the online communication software designated by the Company (the "Communication Software") provided by a third party to participate in lessons and social gatherings.

2.Users shall comply with the Terms of use, conditions of use and other provisions of the third party that provides the Communication Software.

3.Users shall download the Communication Software and check whether the Communication Software is available in the Users environment before Users register.

4. The Company shall not be responsible for any failure of the communication software in the user's environment, failure of the hardware required for the use of the communication software or inadequate settings, or any other reasons on the part of the user that prevent the user from participating in lessons or social gatherings.

Article 8 Trouble with Other Students:

In the unlikely event of a dispute between aUser and another User, Instructor,Host or other third party, such as damage or inconvenience caused by another User, Instructor, Host or other third party, the User shall attempt to resolve the dispute at their own responsibility and expense, and any damage suffered by the Company in relation to the dispute shall be resolved at their own expense. In the event of a dispute, the User shall be liable for immediate compensation for all damages (including legal fees). In the event that the Company handles and resolves the problem in question, the User shall be responsible for all expenses (including reasonable legal fees) incurred in handling and resolving the problem.

Chapter 3 Membership Registration:

Article 9 Membership Registration

1. A user who wishes to register for RINXs Online shall, after agreeing to thisTerms and Conditions , register for RINXs Online according to the registration method prescribed by the Company, and when the Company accepts this, a usage contract for this service will be established.

2. The Company may not accept membership registration in the following cases, but will not disclose to the applicant the reason for the decision if the registration is rejected.

  • ・When the user does not actually exist

  • ・When contact information such as telephone, fax, e-mail, address, etc. indicated by the applicant cannot be contacted

  • ・When it is found that the information reported by the applicant contains false or otherwise inaccurate information.

  • ・When the applicant has been rejected access to our services (including, but not limited to the service of the Company or other individual services) because of a violation of the Terms, the application will be judged as ineligible.

  • ・When there is a problem in business performance or technology

  • ・When we deem it inappropriate

3. The applicant cannot make an objection to the result of the judgment in the preceding paragraph.

Article 10 Change, Suspension, or Deletion of Membership Registration:

1. If there is a change in the content provided to us, the User shall promptly notify us of the change in an acceptable manner.

2. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused to theUser due to a failure to update information, or the time period leading up to information update as stated in the previous paragraph.

3. In the case stipulated in Article 22 (1), the Company may suspend membership and delete membership registration without notifying the User.

Article 11 Management of ID and Password:

1. The User is responsible for managing the passwords required to use this service. The Company considers the use of this service by theUser's membership authority to be the use by the User himself / herself, regardless of whether the use is by the user himself / herself, and does not take any obligation or responsibility.

2. In addition to the previous section, the Company cannot guarantee the proper functionality or quality of the use of our Service by one singular User at the same time as another, or, the use of our Service by several devices simultaneously.

Chapter 4: Prohibitions

Article 12 Prohibitions:

1. The User shall not, without the prior written consent of the Company, transfer, apply, or use as collateral, all or part of the status, obligations, and rights of these Terms and Conditions .

2. The User shall not perform the following acts in lieu of the use of this service.

  • ・Acts that infringe or may infringe the rights of the Company or others

  • ・Acts that discriminate against, slander, or damage the honor or credibility of others

  • ・Impersonation of a third party

  • ・Pre-election campaigns, election campaigns or similar acts

  • ・Religious activities, solicitations to groups

  • ・Targeted business activities that lie outside the scope of this service, and/or use for personal profit or preparatory actions for such actions.

  • ・The act of applying for a direct lesson to an instructor / host who has learned about this service without using the matching service.

  • ・Acts that lead to crimes such as fraud or acts related to criminal acts

  • ・The act of sending or displaying content that is offensive to others, such as obscene images

  • ・The act of collecting personal information of others without obtaining the consent of the person or by fraudulent means

  • ・Acts that violate laws, regulations, this Terms and Conditions or public order and morals, acts that interfere with the operation of this service, acts that damage our credibility, or acts that infringe our property, or acts that give disadvantage to others or our company

  • ・Acts of disclosing personal information of oneself or others

  • ・Except when our company approves, the act of redistributing, renting or selling this service and the information obtained from this service to others.

  • ・Actions that manipulate errors or malfunctions of this service for use that is not intended, and/or transmitting that information to others.

  • ・Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

3. The User cannot use the Service provided by the Company, and/or the contents of that service, in full or in part, for the purpose of commercial sales whether the contents are copied, stored, reproduced, sold, resold, etc.

Chapter 5 Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

Article 13 Our intellectual property rights, etc.

1.The copyright (including the copyrights of all related software used by the Service or a related service of contents, the information of information databases, data collection sources (hereafter referred to as “contents”), patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, domain names, and/or the intellectual property rights, and intellectual property rights such as rights related to these applications and registrations and all other rights, (hereafter referred to as “intellectual rights”)) will be attributed to legitimate third parties by the Company who provided relevant content to the Company or its Service.

2. The User agrees not to copy the Service or Software or the content contained therein (in whole or in part), except with the prior written consent of the Company, partners or advertisers. Users agree not to publish, transmit, distribute, transfer, lend, translate, adapt, license, reprint or reuse.

3. If the User violates the conditions of the preceding paragraph, the Company has the right to suspend any duplications, publications, transmissions, distributions, transfers, loans, translations, adaptations, licenses, reprints, and/or reuses of the contents, or related actions thereof. TheUser agrees in advance that the Company has the right to suspend such activities, and the right to claim the amount equivalent to the profit obtained by the User by the act.

Article 14 Handling of User-Generated Content

1. The User shall guarantee that the content transmitted by the User does not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party.

2. The User grants the right (including rights to sublicense) to the Company to use the contents uploaded by the user non-exclusively, free-of-charge, and internationally as well as domestically (including reproduction, publication, transmission, distribution, transfer, loan, translation, adaptation and derivative work) .

3. The User shall not exercise the moral rights of the author with respect to the content transmitted by the user.

4. It is at our discretion whether or not to post user-generated content. If it is not posted within one month after sending, assume that it has been rejected. We do not respond to individual inquiries as to whether or not the transmission has arrived and whether or not to allow the User-generated content.

5. If the content sent by the User conflicts with or may conflict with Article 12 (prohibited matters), if the usage contract is canceled, or if the Company deems it necessary, necessary measures can be taken such as the said content may be modified, deleted, the posting location changed, etc.

Article 15: Equipment, etc.

1. The User shall prepare the equipment (computer, communication equipment, software, connection environment to high-speed Internet, etc.) necessary for using this Service at his own expense and responsibility.

2. The Company will separately present theUsage environment of the equipment required to use this Service (hereinafter referred to as "Usage environment").

3. The User acknowledges that this service may not be available if the equipment prepared by the User does not conform to the Usage environment indicated by the Company. In addition, the User acknowledges that despite use in the proper Usage environment indicated by the Company, this Service may not be available depending on the Usage environment unique to the User, computer settings, etc.

Article 16: User Support

1. Inquiries about this Service will be accepted through the inquiry page of the website.

2. From the viewpoint of personal information protection, we will not respond to inquiries about personal authentication information and requests for changes and withdrawals. Since we manage passwords in encrypted form, we cannot answer inquiries about passwords from Users themselves.

Article 17: Restrictions on the Use of This Service

1. The Company reserves the right to create various rules regarding the use of this Service by Users as necessary and restrict their use (for example, to specify the number of postings in the comment section and the access time of users).

2. If the Usage contract is canceled due to Article 21 (withdrawal) or Article 22 (suspension of use), the previous rights of the User cannot be transferred, even if the User reapplies to use the Service.

3. TheUser may not choose not to receive all or part of this service, including the notification service by e-mail, which is necessary for providing this service.

Article 18: Notification to Users

1. We will notify the User by a method that we deem appropriate, such as posting on this service or e-mail.

2. Based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the Company notifies the User by posting on this service or by e-mail, the contents of the notice will take effect from the time of posting on this service or sending of e-mail.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any undelivered e-mail, garbled characters, multiple delivery of the same e-mail, etc. when notifying the user.

4. The User shall be obliged to check notifications from the Company to the User regularly, and the Company shall not be liable for any damages to the User caused by the Users' failure to check notifications.

Article 19: Personal Information

1. Personal authentication information and information about Users acquired by our company (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") will be handled in accordance with the "Privacy Policy".

2. If the User withdraws from this Service, or if we stop using this Service, we shall be able to delete the personal information registered by the user without the permission of the User.

Chapter 6: Changes to This Terms and Conditions , Withdrawal (Cancellation of Usage Contract), Changes to This Service, etc.

Article 20: Changes to This Terms and Conditions

1. The Company may make additions, changes or deletions to these Terms and Conditions at any time (hereinafter referred to as "change" in this article) without obtaining the consent of the user if it deems it necessary. TheUser accepts that the Company may change these Terms and Conditions at any time and that the Terms of use of this service, etc. are based on the changed Terms and Conditions .

2. When the Company makes changes as stated in the preceding paragraph, we will post the modified content of these Terms and Conditions on this service based on the provisions of Article 18 (notification to users) and other information that we judge to be appropriate. Unless otherwise specified, the company shall notify Users of changes using methods that are stated in by our Service, and said changes will take effect from the time that the notification is published.

Article 21: Withdrawal

1. When the User terminates the use of this service, the User shall perform the withdrawal procedure by himself / herself using the methods prescribed by the Company, and theUser withdrawal will be complete after confirmation by the Company (the cancellation of the usage contract.

2. The rights of the User are only effective for the User himself or herself. The company will handle any processing mentioned in the previous article in the event of the User's death.

3. When withdrawal of an account cannot be completed due to a loss of personal authentication by the User, or other reasons caused by the User, the Company is not obligated to respond.

4. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to theUser due to the actions taken by the Company based on this article.

Article 22: Suspension of Use

1. If it is determined that the User falls under any of the following criteria, the Company is able to suspend services (or dissolve any contracts) without prior notice or warning.

  • ・When there are complaints in regards to the service provided by a User of our service, or a separate service, or about our company by another individual, solicitations for money or payment, or when our company deems it necessary.

  • ・When communication cannot be achieved via telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. (including instances when there are mail server errors, message overload, etc.)

  • ・When the mail sent to the User is returned to us

  • ・When the mail sent to the User is returned to us

  • ・When Article 12 (Prohibited Matters) is violated, or when we judge that there is a risk of violation

  • ・Violations of these Terms and Conditions are besides those stated in the previous article, when a correction is not made within a reasonable amount of time after our Company has sent notification of violation.

  • ・If a paid individual service has a free trial period and the period elapses without being registered for paid use of the individual service (However in this case the services that are suspended will be limited to individual services.)

  • ・If the User does not log into the service within one year after registering as a member.

  • ・If the User does not click the confirmation URL of the email sent after temporary registration for one month

  • ・In addition, when the Company wishes to cancel the Usage contract at its own discretion

2. We will not accept any questions or complaints regarding the suspension of use (cancellation of usage contract) by our Company.

3. When a User contract is cancelled, the User forfeits any benefits, and is responsible for all of the fees due to the Company (including unpaid usage fees) at the time of the contract cancellation.

4. If the User violates Article 12 (prohibited matters) or the Company suffers damage due to any of the items in Paragraph 1 of this Article, regardless of the status of the Contracts still existing or not, the Company will be able to claim compensation for damages from the User.

5. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User due to the cancellation of the Usage contract by the Company.

Article 23: About Purchase, Management and Use of Points

1. When Users purchase Points, they can use the point towards the payment of Instructor/Host tickets on our Website, which automatically becomes an application for a Lesson contract. This method of payment allows the User to have the company pay for a portion of the lesson fees on their behalf, using a bank transfer.

2. The lesson fees required for the lesson payments will be left to the discretion of the Instructor/Host.

3. At the moment the User applies for the lesson contract, Points equivalent to the total cost will be deducted from the corresponding point holder's total Point amount.

4. The User must purchase a point from us before applying for a lesson contract.

5. The purchase price of points shall be 1.1 yen (tax included) per point, unless otherwise specified by the Company.

6. With the mandatory display of the total amount from April 2021, the lesson fee will be displayed including consumption tax.

7. The User agrees in advance that when purchasing Points from the Company, a certain number of points specified separately by the Company must be purchased in sets.

8. If the User wishes to purchase a point, he / she shall make a purchase application (hereinafter referred to as "Purchase application") by himself / herself using the method specified separately by the Company.

9. The user shall not enter false information when applying for purchase.

10. Point purchases can be made via bank transfer, credit card in the name of the user (limited to those issued by a credit card company designated separately by the Company), PayPal, convenience store Payment, Payeasy, or other methods specified separately by the Company.

11.The User agrees in advance that after submitting a purchase application, the purchase application cannot be withdrawn or canceled unless otherwise approved by the Company.

  • ・When it is found that the purchase application was made by a third party other than the user

  • ・When it is found that the content entered by the User at the time of purchase application is false, erroneous or contains omissions

  • ・When a credit card in the name of another person was used to pay for the purchase of the point

  • ・In addition to the provisions of the preceding items, if the user violates the Terms of this Terms and Conditions

  • ・Or otherwise, when the Company determines that it is necessary to delete the point or take other appropriate measures.

12.The Company shall, in any of the following situations, be able to delete points or take other appropriate measures without prior notice to the User.

13.The validity period of points shall be 5 months from the date of issue by the Company, and the points shall expire when 5 months have passed since the points were issued. The validity period of points shall be calculated individually for each point, and shall not be extended for any reason.

14. The User shall take full responsibility for the use and management of the Points expire.

15. The User shall not transfer, lend or let a third party use the Points

16. The user who holds the point shall bear all responsibility for any disadvantage, damage, falsification, etc. due to mistakes in the use of the Points or unauthorized use by a third party, and the Company will not be liable.

17. The User shall immediately contact the Company if he / she discovers that the point has been used illegally by a third party without permission, and will immediately follow the instructions given by the Company.

18. The User agrees in advance that the point will not be reissued for any reason, including when the Points are used illegally by a third party.

Article 24: Return of Used Points

1. Our Company refers to the details in a separate document called "Cancellation Policy (For Users)" in regards to any matters concerning User Lesson Contracts, cancellation of contracts, modification of times, return of points after contract cancellation, etc.

2. In the event of any of the following situations, the User may request the Company to return points.

  • ・In situations when our Company, or the Instructor/Host of an established Lesson Contract, cancels for their own reasons, the User may request the Company to return points.

  • ・In situations when the Instructor/Host is at fault for a lesson or exchange event that is only 20% of the contractually agreed-upon time period, the User may request the Company to return points.

3. The Company may request the User to provide information that the Company deems necessary in any of the following situations, and the user must immediately respond to the request.

  • ・When the established contract is cancelled by the User or Instructor/Host.

  • ・In situations when 20% of the contractually agreed-upon time was disrupted or the Company suspect such a situation has occurred.

  • ・When the Company has determined that the Instructor/Host has violated or may have violated the Instructor (Host) Terms and Conditions

  • ・Or when it is otherwise deemed necessary by the Company

4. The decision as to whether or not an incident that warrants the return of points has occurred, will be made by the Company based on an investigation that holds both parties in good faith, and the User and the Instructor /Host agree to accept the Company's decision.

5. Even in the case specified in Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 of this Article, if it is found that the User violated these Terms and Conditions in connection with the Lesson contract for which the point was used, points will not be returned.

Article 25: Points Refund

Points, once purchased, will not be refunded except in the case of discontinuation of this Service.

Article 26: Service Changes, etc.

1. The Company shall be able to change, suspend or discontinue (terminate) all or part of the contents of this Service or individual service without notifying the User in advance. Such suspension or discontinuation include those caused by system maintenance or natural disasters.

2. If the content of thisService or individual service is changed, suspended or canceled (terminated) based on the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User or a third party.

Chapter 7: General Provisions

Article 27: Transfer by Our Company

The Company shall be able to transfer the status under these Terms and Conditions and each individual Service Terms and Conditions to a third party with prior notice on this service, but without obtaining the special consent of the User. The right to do so may be transferred to a third party and the obligation may be assumed by the third party.

Article 28: Disclaimer and Compensation for Damages

1. The responsibilities of the Company to the User in regards to our Service are limited to the operation of our Services with caution and good management, to ensure that Users can use our service unimpeded.The Company will not be liable for any damages to the User or third parties by the use of ourService (including damage caused by trouble between Users and other Users), or damages in which a User or third party are prevented from using the Service (not limited to the concrete examples of damages prescribed in the following section of this article), except in the case of gross negligence.

2. Except in cases of gross negligence, the Company will not be liable to the User or any third parties for any of the acts made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions .

3.Personal information and/or personal authentication information may be lost or erased... 1) In situations that are beyond the control of the Company such as power outages, mechanical failures, errors or abnormalities in communication infrastructure, etc... 2)in the event of system damage. In the event of data-loss in the above-stated condition, the company will not be liable for any damages except in cases of intentional or gross negligence.

4. The User shall be obligated, at his or her own discretion, to use this Service in a way that does not disturb the quality of the Service environment. The Company will not be liable for any injuries or damages that the User sustains, whether they be social, mental, or physical, by their failure to use our Service in an appropriate way.

5. The User shall bear all responsibility for the actions taken on this service under his/her personal authentication information, and the results thereof, regardless of whether or not he/she performed the actions.The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User or a third party due to the use of theUser's personal authentication information by another person, regardless of the intentional negligence of the User being the cause or not.

6. The User shall be responsible for all actions performed using this Service, and the results of those actions (including the transmission of User-generated content, and its contents). In the event that a dispute arises with the Company or a third part, or in the event that the User is at fault for damages to the Company or a third party, the User will be responsible for settlement and expenses.

7. The Company is not obligated to pay any costs incurred by the User due to changes in this service (meaning, but not limited to, telephone charges, costs based on contracts with providers, etc).

8. If there is any omission of personal information etc. registered by the User in this service, the responsibility for any disadvantage caused to the User due to the omission shall rest with the individual User.

9. The Company shall not be liable to the User or any third parties for any problems that arise when using the Service, such as problems associated with program installation. The Company will provide the User with all content available at the time the content is requested, and the User accepts that the Company cannot guarantee a Service that is free of defects. Therefore, the Company does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, and/or availability of data (including computer programs) that is provided to the User through the use of our Service.

10. The contents of our Service are not intended to solicit investments. The User will use this Service and the information obtained through its contents on their own responsibility and judgement. In particular, judgments when using company information, stock and securities information, services related to investments, etc.This service is merely a source of information, and no content is posted for the purpose of recommending a specific investment. The Company and its business partners are not responsible for the accuracy or usefulness of the information provided through this service. In addition, we are not responsible for any investments that are made using or entrusting of such information, nor do we take any responsibility for any damages that allegedly were incurred based on such information.

11. The site of this Service may link to other websites. Linked pages are not operated or managed by our Company, therefore the Company cannot take any responsibility for the availability of linked sites or resources outside of this Service.In addition, the Company does not take any responsibility for advertisements, products, services, etc,. including site resources.Therefore, the Company is not liable for any damages (whether direct or indirect) caused by, or were caused in connection with, such contents, advertisements, products, services, etc.

12. It is the responsibility of the User and the advertiser to carry out transactions (including participation in promotions such as sweepstakes) with advertisers who are advertising (including sweepstakes advertisements) or advertising on this service. In other words, the User and the advertiser are responsible for all payments for products, determination of contract conditions, guarantees, collateral liability, etc. The Company is not liable for any damages caused by transactions conducted by advertisements posted on this service and damages caused by the advertisements themselves.

13. If a User causes any damage to the Company due to his / her responsibility when using this Service, the Company may make a claim for damages against the User.

14. Even if a part of this article is invalidated by relevant laws or regulations, the other provisions shall still be effective.

15. Despite the provisions of these Terms, if the Company's exemption is not recognized by a legal ruling, the Company will provide compensation limited to the direct or general damages suffered by the User.

Article 29: Handling of Violations of This Terms and Conditions

1. In situations where the User may have violated one or more of the conditions of the Terms, or, in situations where the Company has received complaints, etc. about the User, or when the Company deems it necessary, The company will be allowed to ask the User to cooperate in investigations. In addition, if the Company deems it necessary or for any other reason, the Company may take one, or more of the following measures in relation to the User.

  • ・The Company can demand that the User stop any acts that violate the Terms, or to not repeat any acts that violate the Terms.

  • ・The Company can demand from the User to hold discussions (including alternative conflict resolution) with a third party in order to resolve complaints or other claims .

  • ・The Company can delete all, or part, of the information sent by or displayed by the User.

  • ・The Company may also take additional measures to respond to the situation as it deems necessary.

2. The Company is not obliged to take any measures that are stipulated in these Terms, and is not responsible for the consequences of any actions taken.

3. The User acknowledges that the measures stipulated in this article will be taken at the discretion of the Company without prior notice.

Article 30: Service Suspension

1. This Service performs regular maintenance. During regular maintenance, the system may be suspended or some functions may not be available.

2. If any of the following items apply, we may suspend the provision of this Service.

  • ・In situations when the Service or related services must perform mandatory maintenance, or in situations when the maintenance or construction of telecommunications equipment is unavoidable, or when other unavoidable damages occur

  • ・In situations where a significant server load or damages make the normal operation of the Service difficult to maintain, or when the Company deems that there are difficulties.

  • ・In situations when the provision of this service puts customers, third parties, etc at significant risk due to hacking or falsified data.

  • ・When it becomes difficult to provide this Service due to the suspension of telecommunication services by telecommunication carriers (domestic or overseas), and/or the suspension of power services by electrical power companies, and/or other public services.

  • ・In situations when natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, lightning strikes, etc. occur or are likely to occur, or in situations where there are other emergencies such as war, internal conflict, enactment or revision or abolition of laws, or other incidents.

  • ・In addition, the Company may decide to suspend its Services when the Company deems that an emergency suspension is necessary.

3. In principle, we will not accept emergency stop requests from customers and third parties.

4. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer or a third party due to the suspension of this service by the Company or the failure to suspend the service.

Article 31: Elimination of Antisocial Forces

The User expresses that he/she currently does not fall under any of the following categories, and assures that he/she will not do so in the future.

  • ・Those who have been a member of a gang, or were associated with a gang or a member of a gang, a social movement, a racket, etc (hereinafter collectively referred to as "crime syndicate") in the past 5 years

  • ・Is a person recognized as being a direct member of a crime syndicate.

  • ・Is a person recognized as being substantially involved with the management of a crime syndicate.

  • ・Is recognized as a person who has used a crime syndicate in order to wrongfully gain profits from, or cause damage to a third party.

  • ・Is recognized as a person who has been involved with providing funds or other resources to a crime syndicate.

  • ・Is recognized as a person who's associates, or administration have a substantial relationship with a crime syndicate that is socially criticized.

Article 32: Exceptions to Study Sessions

Regarding "learning sessions" and business-to-business transactions mentioned in these Terms, the definitions and scope of application of these Terms and Conditions are contained in separate contracts.

Article 33: Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction

1. In the event that there is a need to settle a dispute based on or related to these Terms and Conditions between the Company and the User, the User agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of Kobe District Court, or Kobe Summary Court as the Court of First Instance.

2. The governing law regarding these Terms and Conditions shall be Japanese law.

Article 34 Consultation Resolution

Matters not stipulated in this Terms and Conditions , or doubts that are raised about the interpretation of matters in this Terms and Conditions , shall be resolved in a consultation in good faith between the Company and the User.

Enactment date July 1, 2nd year of Reiwa