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Hello, I am María Isabel de los Reyes Castro Nice to meet you, I am a competent Spanish teacher, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Literature, during my studies at the university I achieved one of my most significant accomplishments which was the curriculum design and implementation of the first Spanish course for foreign students at the Universidad del Atlántico at levels A1 and A2 which I was also able to implement with young people from different countries such as France, Germany, India and Brazil. Subsequently, I have studied and have a certification to teach Spanish as a foreign language at the Caro y Cuervo Institute, therefore, I have acquired skills and know strategies for a good teaching of this language. I have been working at My education group, through which I teach Spanish classes at a distance to schools in the USA and with students of different grades, ages and with various levels of linguistic competence and communicative needs. I also design the materials and activities to be used according to the proposed curriculum. However, I would like to continue to expand my language and build more bridges of communication through Spanish and with you if possible. I am excited about the possibility of being your teacher and help you achieve your goals.

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